Dietetics means the science for regulated nutrition, deals with the nutrition supply, the nutrition uptake and its effects on our body. Our professionals proposing well designed regimens not only patients with insulin resistance, diabetes, lactose sensitivity, celiac disease, biliary and other sicknesses, but to prevent the development of different diseases and to keep the patients in excellent health condition also.


How we assembled our dietetics services?

The first consultancy focusing on

• Preparation of the anamnesis related to the nutrition.
• Induced cases, which requires to carry out several examinations: like BMI, body composition, measuring weight, height, etc., furthermore we working out custom tailored goals.
• Setting goals and custom tailored menus with examples.
• Helping the individuals to integrate the new system into their everyday life.

The following consultancies dealing with

• Monitoring, checking the individuals’ goals,
• Analysing the results achieved by the patient and adding new goals.
• Fine-tuning of the nutrition recommendations and deepening the practices gathered from the beginning
• Optional: preparing a fully custom-tailored menu.

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When is it useful to consult with professionals?

• Food allergy or extra sensitivity,
• Complaints related to milk consumption (lactose sensitivity, milk protein allergy)
• Peptic ulcer,
• Cardiology diseases, (high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol level),
• Chron disease, colitis,
• Reflux,
• Constipation,
• Pancreatic or liver diseases,
• Bile or kidney diseases,
• Cancer

We propose also to consult in cases:

• Active sport, differentiating on the goals: increase muscles , stability, explosivity.
• Expectants
• Patients being on diet,
• Willing to gain weight


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