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Lower limb training

Besides the everyday load bearing of the joints of the lower limbs /hips, knees, ankles are functioning as the stabile base for the spine through the abdominal muscles and securing dynamic walking patterns.

During everyday burdens of life and due to posture deformities a lot of sitting or standing may cause our joints to become stiff or sometimes even induce the feeling of pain. Additionally the normal flow of blood vessels will be broken and our veins have more difficulty delivering blood back to the heart. By the end of the day we can feel our legs become heavy and painful.

To carry the everyday burdens of life, we need well targeted strengthening exercises stretching the muscles around the joints to harmonise the balance of our muscles.

We recommend lower limb exercises for preventing and treating injuries, limited movements or pains… or also to create nicely shapes limbs.

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Lower Limb Training therapists

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