Senior physio

When we are over 55, the human body needs the regular exercising.
Our major aims are to keep the flexibility of joints and muscles, to prevent the development of symptoms indicating muscular or skeletal pain, strain or damage and the prevention of more serious musculoskeletal troubles. As the general condition improves with exercise, everyday activities become easier like shopping, cleaning, house work, active activities with the grandchildren, etc. Besides all of these benefits, physical activities have positive results for internal medical illnesses, i.e. osteoporosis, diabetes and high blood pressure.

We organise small groups in a pleasant environment paying attention for individual healthcare conditions, which leads to safe and secure training.

We highly welcome ladies and gentlemen who would like to keep their health by active.

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Online senior torna

A senior tornán egyelőre csak online tudnak részt venni. Az első óra ingyenes. A részletes tudnivalókat az órarendnél találják. A foglalás gombokra kattintva jelentkezhetnek.


Senior Training therapists

Balázs Ivett

Group Physiotherapy


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