Functional training

The essence of these exercises is to focus on several muscle groups, to work with complex methods based on everyday movements of life. In 90 minutes we develop the coordination, fitness, strength, i.e. strictly speaking the total neuromuscular system.

Joints are mobilised in all possible directions in chain movements, and using several tools likeTRX, Bosu, dynair unstable pillow, rubber band, fit ball, SMR roller rubber loop etc.

During exercising our physiotherapist pays special attention for the individual health conditions, so the working out is safe.

Online funkcionális edzés

Egyelőre minden csoportos órán online tudnak részt venni. Az első óra ingyenes. A részletes tudnivalókat az órarendnél találják. A foglalás gombokra kattintva jelentkezhetnek.

Functional Training therapists

Süle-Szigeti Atilla



Konkoly Anett

Gyógytornász - Manuálterapeuta


Andorka Eszter



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