Schroth specific physiotherapy for Scoliosis

Schroth is simply a specific treatment and exercise approach for scoliosis.

What is Schroth specific physiotherapy for Scoliosis?

Schroth therapy can play an integral role in minimising the risk of progression and the need for surgery secondary to the scoliosis, as well as improving lung and digestive function, independence with activities of daily living, musculoskeletal symmetry and balance and more.


Exercises have been shown to have a positive effect on decreasing the progression of curves, improving posture, lung and organ function, and for pain management.

The excercises use the following principles of correction including:

  1. Self-elongation from a neutral stable pelvis.
  2. The ability to recognise the different shapes of each side of the back and how to produce forces to decrease this difference–initially in a support position progressing to being upright and while moving. The correction is in 3D – it’s not just a simple ‘sideways curve of the spine’.
  3. Corrective breathing is then used to expand area of the spine that are compressed due to the scoliosis.
  4. Stabilisation/strengthening in the corrected posture, which carries over to activities of daily living.

What changes, if any, are expected?


The changes the exercises make in the spine depend on various factors including Cobb angle, skeletal health and maturity, trunk imbalance, amount of rotation, amount of soft tissue tightness, and degenerative changes in the discs or the joints of the back, and general health and activity level. Improvements in pain levels and function are also major goals of treatment.

Of course, other physiotherapy treatment modalities may be used as needed, but it is essential that those with scoliosis are more aware of the benefits of the Schroth Method and that this type of care can only be delivered by physiotherapists that have passed certification examinations and extensive specialised training – this is not your ordinary back care.



Education about scoliosis

Education of the child and family is a vital part of the process. Knowing what to do and what to avoid is all part of the approach. Some exercises can actually make the scoliosis worse so it’s important for the child and family to be aware of this. However we encourage physical activity and all efforts are made to support a physically active lifestyle. Scoliosis can be stressful enough, so it is important to create a motivating and comforting environment for the child and family.

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