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Pregnancy Workout

Ladies who include exercise into their everyday routine are facing the question what kind of exercise can be optimal during their maternity? What would be totally secure and helpful for their baby’s physical and mental development?

Pregnancy Training
at Fizio+

During pregnancy, we recommend lighter, less intensive exercises requiring fewer loads on the body, but still helping to tighten those muscles which are exposed to increased load during maternity and child-birth.

At Fizio+, with our professional help, expectant mothers can maintain their fitness and prepare their body for those minor inconveniences brought-on quite normally by pregnancy: pains during pregnancy (low back pain, back pain, leg swelling etc.) and the regeneration after the child birth.

When should you start exercises?

Fizio+ recommends starting from the 12th week until the end of pregnancy for mothers to be wishing to take exercise. It is very important to ask your gynaecologist whether the exercises could possibly endanger the health of the baby. When you come for your first visit, please provide a medical certificate from your gynaecologist stating that your doctor is happy that you can participate in our maternity gymnastics.

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What should you focus on during exercises?

• We teach the correct breathing technique to ease the moments of labour and child birth and teach you techniques for relaxation for the whole body.
• We show you how to thoroughly exercise those muscle groups and joints which are subjected to particular strain during the pregnancy.
• We show you how to strengthen and limber up the muscles around the pelvis, the back, the lower back and the shoulder with proper exercises, aiming to increase the elasticity of muscles and the oxygen supply of the body.
• Our exercises are designed to help to improve blood circulation in the lower limb to lessen leg swelling and avoid varicose veins.

We provide our services in family like cheerful environment aiming to create a positive and enjoyable experience throughout each moment of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Workout therapists

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