Treatment for Joints in the Jaw (TMJ)

Do you wake up in the morning with aching jaws? Do you have pains during chewing or when opening your mouth? Is it difficult to bite? Do you grit your teeth? 70 % of the population have experienced these kinds of complaints!


Dysfunctions of the jaw

The CMD (craniomandibular disorders) group includes malfunction of the chewing joints, caused by overburden or incorrect operation of the muscles, the sheaths of the joints, or the articular tapes.

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• Pains in the jaws,
• pains in the chewing muscles,
• Limited mouth opening,
• Lockjaw
• Clacks in the jaw

These disorders can cause side- effects like

• Tinnitus
• Headache
• Migraine
• Toothache
• Neck pain,
• Backache
• Difficulties in swallowing
• Knee pain

The listed side effects are not all those possible, but are those most commonly related to jaw disorders.

Diagnoses and treatments

The first step before problems are treated is to execute a very accurate examination of the jaw (including active and passive tests and MRI or CT) to find the causes of the symptoms presented. On the basis of the findings from the examination, a customised treatment plan is designed.

The therapy is developed for rehabilitation of muscles, to restore the misplacements inside or around the area affected and to terminate any muscle bocks.
Spasm dissolution in the chewing muscles can be achieved by manual therapy or by treating the surrounding area. These may result in re-harmonised movements of the joints and relief of symptoms.

TMJ Therapy

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